Welcome to Dowling ICT.

Dowling ICT is a small company specialized in database infrastructures, administrative monitoring and cyber security. Working with other companies to deliver the best possible solutions for the customer.

Often customers our had their database environments build by different suppliers with no central management. This resulted in environments with no standardization, structure, lots of failures and above all poor performance. This all resulting in high costs. If this sounds familiar give us a call so we can help you resolve this and in the process possibly reduce your database license costs.
We can help you with our database maintenance and monitoring service.

Many organizations don't use centralized monitoring and alerting as this is expensive to maintain. We can assist you in setting up monitoring, alerting and reporting.

Information security is extremely important and requires your constant attention. Where do you start? Building your company as Fort Knox or do you do nothing at all?
If you would like to know more what we can do for you, just give us a call.